About the Interactive Music Systems Lab at WPI

Looking for a wearable heartrate sensor to control the BPM of your drum machine? Or a unique controller to play chords or sounds? The Interactive Music Systems Lab (IMSLab) at WPI explores opportunities for research, innovation, and education through the development of new technology used to facilitate music composition, performance, and education. In addition to our own research trajectory, we work with musicians and companies to develop prototypes, explore proof-of-concept ideas, and much more! The lab is part of the research of V.J. Manzo, Associate Professor of Music at WPI and Principal Investigator (PI). The efforts of the IMSLab, therein, include collaborations with faculty, research affiliates, students and Lab RATs, and other key personnel as well as external professional musicians and innovators from industry.

The types of projects regularly explored in the lab include tech-based musical instruments, immersive musical experiences, music games, and interactive and immersive software for desktop and mobile platforms.

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We are always looking to collaborate with new project sponsors to develop prototypes, proof-of-concept designs, and research experiments. TheIMSLab works with individual artists, non-profits, and companies to explore areas of specialized interest and develop new technology. If you have an idea that you would like to work on with us, please let us know, and we'd be happy to discuss our project sponsorship fees and IP protections based on the scope of your project.

A few examples of what we do through IMSLab
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